What We Do and How to Contact Us

What it's all about . . . . .

Our work is all about female cosplay, fantasy, and modern pinup photography.  To make this magic, we team up with wardrobe designers and stylists, both local and around the world, as well as with makeup and hair artists in creating and shooting all of the projects we produce. 

Project interests are evident in the portfolio; cosplay, steampunk, sci-fi, retro and neo glamor pinup styles, punk, club/rave, gothic, leather, military, and edgy looks.  Together, this team creates and develops custom wardrobe, props, and settings for these specific themes and projects.

We own the cosplays you see here. We have a combined wardrobe of over 500 items and costumes, and some 300+ pairs of shoes and boots.  We commission special props and unique wardrobe pieces for all of our projects.   In other words, we'll get what we need to do a shoot the right way.

Looking to collaborate?  Then send a message or an email.  All details of a photography project are discussed well in advance of the actual date of the shoot.  You'll have a full understanding of what is planned and how it will be photographed.  Your input is always welcome as we prefer to collaborate with models and not dictate every detail about a shoot. 

If we contact you about shooting with us, you can assume we are intending to pay you a reasonable rate for your work.  We believe in paying for your professionalism, capabilities, and experience.

If you are traveling to Atlanta and want to work with us, we need a minimum of 60 days advance notice.  Honestly, we'd rather 90+ days lead time or more if we can get it, as some wardrobe and prop work may take weeks to complete.

Yes you can bring someone with you.  We're more than happy to allow all models to bring a guest or companion to any photoshoot. Just let us know you plan to bring someone with you and they will be most welcome.

We are proud of our well established track record and encourage you to check our references.  Contact us for bookings, rates, and other information on how we work and how we can collaborate and create high quality looks rarely found elsewhere.

-Robert Fousch